Build Process

​1. Meet with the Echelon Homes Team to learn about the company and the process. This meeting is meant to be an introduction to determine if the builder and the client are a good fit and can establish an effective rapport. 

2. Meet with mortgage lender or personal banker to determine buying power. A qualification letter will be required before design process begins.

3. Schedule a meeting with one of Echelon Homes’ design partners. Establish a scope of work; house style (contemporary, transitional, Mediterranean, colonial, craftsman), layout (ranch, split level, 1.5 or 2 story), select existing floor plan, complete custom floor plan, establish a timeframe, and lastly a method of contract delivery.

4. Begin the design process. A $2,500 non-refundable deposit will be collected along with signing a drafting agreement. During this phase the client will meet with the builder and the designer to begin drawing the house plan. An interior designer may collaborate at this time to begin searching for finishes, fixtures, and furniture.  

5.  Finalize drawings.  At this time the homeowner will sign off on the drawings as complete and Echelon Homes will begin to seek bids from subcontractors.  

6.  Bid process.  Echelon Homes is dedicated to providing an accurate preconstruction estimate.  With an extensive background in estimating multimillion dollar commercial and industrial projects, Echelon Homes owner, Zach Nelson, has built his business model on sound estimating practices and subcontractor management.  Bids are sought from qualified subcontractors for every scope of work. Contingency amounts are identified for potential unknowns or risks associated with each unique project.  

7. Establish contract price, collect earnest deposit minus drafting fee (can vary from 3-10% of purchase price depending on lender and builder risk), sign real estate purchase agreement for the contract price, and commence construction. 

8. Construction schedule (average build time can vary between 6 to 9 months)